Quinta-feira, 7 de Outubro de 2010

MOV: 8º episódio da 3ª temporada

Hoje passou mais um episódio da 3ª temporada no MOV, e para aqueles que só agora estão a ver a série fica aqui o tópico para a discussão e críticas anteriores.

8º episódio da 3ª temporada: Críticas e opiniões


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De MissPiggy a 8 de Outubro de 2010 às 17:01
Desculpem a língua, mas acabei de postar o comentário num blog estrangeiro. Se quiserem depois posso traduzir, mas como estou com pouco tempo...aqui vai:

Hi there!
As promised, here I am in my hangover after watching last night's episode Night on the Sun.
Well, sometimes I wonder if TB in Portugal is the same as TB in the US :roll:
It was another great episode, although I already spoiled everything as I know a lot of how S3 ends and watched a lot of scenes in youtube and in SVB, but still, here's what I think about it:
1.Loved and LMAO with RE's scenes, specially the one where he watches Talbot throwing and breaking things away, like a spoiled child :laughcry:
2.Loved Bill/Jessica doing some Karate Kid lessons - delicious :thumbsup:
3.Loved Sook/Debbie scene at Sook's, only missed the mud :D
4.Have some hard/mixed feelings about Talbot and Eric having sex-scene...still don't know what to feel about that...but it was worth if only to see that gorgeous Eric's naked body
5.Last but no least (and here's the thing), I loved the final sequence with Otep's Head of Medusa, including Hoyt driving and crying, Jessica "eating" the were and Bill/Sookie having hard sex on the floor (loved it)
I think that scene is hard and violent because of all Sook's adrenaline and blood she had from Bill. I think Bill, once again, is there when she needs him even after they broke up the day before at the hospital (he "releases" her because he loves her as he wants her to have the life she deserves). My eyes and my heart saw honesty in Bill at the hospital and while talking about his feelings with Jessica. And, by the way, where was Eric, once again, when Sookie was in danger? Oh yes, he was once again busy with his own business, first (last episodes) with Pam and after that, with his personal revenge....then maybe, he'll start concerning with Sookie....What's with Hadley's message to Sookie? Was there anything new that she wasn't already expecting?
I'm still eager to see Eric/Sookie together, really, loved book nr 4, specially because of them, and I think B/S reaaly need to break up to have things arranged in their heads, but I don't think Bill's love for Sookie is fake or even obsessed, I think their love is deep and real!
Oh, almost forgot...I loved Sook and Alcide, there's something nice there...

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